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Payment methodes.

  General remarks
  Belgates wanted absolutely to offer different payment methodes in ordre to choose the one which matches the best with you.
  Whatever the methode you choose, please note that payment should arrive at least 1 day before yearly expiration date of the registration of your domainname and related services.
Credit cards
We accept electronic payments.
Invoice payable within 30 days
For all our actif customers who purchased already domain names with Belgates and who always correctly paid their invoices, we accept to grant a 30 days payments as from invoice closure date for their new orders .
In order to reduce our administrative management (and yours), we'v introduced the concept of 'open' invoice.
During your first next order of current month, we will create an online 'open' invoice. All your orders of current month will be addede to that 'open' invoice. .
At all time you can see the details of that invoice. The last day of the month, the invoice will be closed and printable (format html ou pdf).
At that moment you will receive an e-mail to notify you that you have 30 days to arrange the payment.
We never send invoices by post !
This payment methode will be proposed to you, only if all previous invoices where paid in due time.
Bank payment
If you don't want to use your credit card, and it's your first purchase, the only solution is to arrange payment by bank.
If this type of payment is selected, we create an online estimate with a reference of this type 'waitjjmmhhmmss'. This reference must be mentioned on the payment to the bank account of Belgates ( Keytrade Bank 651-1365027-49 ).
As soon as we receive payment, the estimate will be transformed into an online invoice.
As from that moment we can register your domain name and activate related services (not earlier).
Pay attention, sometimes it takes 3 labor days before payments arrive in our system, so please don't wait the last minute to pay renewals with this payment methode.
prepay You can also open a prepay account with Belgates.
This account can be supplied via credit card of bank payment on our account.